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Ed and Taylor are inside a heart.

@avaames: #RedTourMemories #ThrowbackThursdaypictures Good times w great co! @taylorswift13 Thank you!

Everything Has Changed | RED tour 2013.


the sweeran babes.

“She bought me a gramophone. It was a wooden gramophone and you put your iPhone in a little slot. There are no wires and it just amplifies it. Very strange but it works really well. An amazing contraption. She chose it well. She also bought me a candle in a glass thing and it was really nice and I put it in my rucksack and it smashed and there was broken glass everywhere.”

Ed Sheeran on receiving gifts from Taylor Swift’s mother x (via redprincess)

just promise me you'll always be a friend

cause you are the only one


Her face is so cute. They’re SO cute. 


WONDERSTAY ASKED: Haylor or Sweeran


Ed performing his new song tonight and Taylor Swift in the audience singing her heart out and dancing because she was the only one who knew the lyrics already